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picture of Ron & ConnieRon and Connie Khoury of  King of Glory Revivals have a burning message to bring to the body of Christ. A revolution has come and the Revival of all Revivals will be a baptism of fire, a reordering and judgement of the church and a time of great realignment. All that the Father has planted will remain; every other will be uprooted.

Are you sold out to Christ? Are you ready to live in the miraculous and march in His end time army?

The Apostolic team of Ron and Connie bring prophetic preaching and insight, solid biblical teaching, soul stirring exhortation and miracles. We are both full time ministers and we also lead praise and worship. We  have recorded two CDs, pulling from an array of over 80 original songs. We have hosted two local television shows, started new works and are now strengthening existing works and laboring to equip the Saints and edify the body of Christ.

Having us into your fellowship is only a phone call away. We are available for speaking engagements, conferences, revivals, extended meetings, home meetings, musical concerts or to lead praise and worship.