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Are you able to rejoice in the Lord always?  Even when things are difficult? Even when your life is falling apart? Even when your health has taken a downhill slide? What about when people walk away from you or are taken away from you?

I have learned that I can always rejoice in the Lord no matter what’s going on in my life. Sometimes the things that happen in our lives appear to be more than we can take. We can’t see the end to the trials and tribulations and the darkness seems to try to overtake us. Have you ever felt like that? You know I have had times like that even after I became a Christian. I’ve had times of struggling to believe. Over the years, I’ve had times when I felt like I just couldn’t  rejoice in the Lord. But through practice and the sacrifice of praise on my part, I have learned how to rejoice when things don’t look promising. I now understand what the sacrifice of praise really is. I have praised the Lord through tears of pain. I have learned how to give thanks in all things for this is the will of God for me at this time. Truly there is nothing that can compare to rejoicing in the midst of life’s sorrows. When you are able to love Jesus and praise Him no matter what your emotions are  feeling  like inside, then you are beginning to grow in the Lord. You will feel His presence with you like you have never experienced it before. Remember: He never leaves you nor forsakes you, he is with you always…and for me, that’s enough reason to rejoice in Him always….no matter what.      by Connie

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