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People would love to hear God’s voice. They would be delighted and awestruck if a loud, authoratative voice rent the heavens and spoke clearly to them with the force of thunder. Wouldn’t you?To be guided by God, to be instructed by the Angel of the Lord, to be tutored exclusively by Jesus Himself, ah, that would be heavenly. No more doubts. Also, no more need of faith, no more need to seek His face, no more need to grow and stretch in leaning on Him. He would be there at your beck and call. No need to read and study the Bible, or to seek counsel from men.One would be totally independent. One could actually hang out ones shingle advertising their new status as wise Christian guru; come hear from the man {or woman}who hears from God. Think of all the talk shows you could go on, and the smug answers you could give your enquirers. Take that, Ophra! Actually, there may be some negative ramafications to it all, as we just saw.NOW, DON’T BE CRESTFALLEN; DON’T BE DISENHEARTENED. You can develope a relation to God. I have; and many others have too. In Romans,8:14, it instructs us : “all that are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God.” Just realize that God leads and speaks in many ways. To the immature, He may thunder out of heaven, or open a donkey’s mouth. or warn you by dread circumstances. The voice is many times the still small voice spoken of in 1st Kings to Elijah. God was not in the fire, the earthquake, the storm. The inward witness, the prophet Ken Hagin tells us, is the number one way God guides today. His Spirit indwells us, and He can speak to our Spirit, which relays to our minds. He can speak through prophecy, as well , whether through you yourself or another person. Tongues and interpretation are another way God communicates. Certainly, He moves us through circumstances; but really folks, for hard and difficult decisions, He uses multiple means and confirms His word again and again. It is incumbent upon us that we grow and develope a relation with the Shephard so that we can know His voice and a strangers voice we won’t follow.More to come on Hearing God.     Ron

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