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Hearing God is not so wierd as some secularists must believe.Actually,many Christians envy one that claims that they do.These folks are either not true born again Christians,or are born again but not filled with the Spirit or they have not cultivated a good prayer life with God.You must be spiritually intuned and in any good communique,one must learn to listen as well as speak.I believe we jabber so much and spend no time in silence listening and anticipating God to speak.I believe my first encounter was when I was 17 and on a bad LSD experience.I was afraid I would snap and lose my sanity.I was in an Orthodox Church Good Friday service, and the threat was real enough, having known several peers who    had suffered mentally themselves.Inside I heard,in my mind,a voice advising me: Apeal to Jesus, He will help you, not just God generically, butJesus!….I did and HE DID! later,when I was seeking the Baptism in/w/the Holy Spirit,and didn’t know what to do as I struggled internally,The Holy Spirit spoke internally to me.In all these times, He spoke to my mind and in English.He told me that if this was God, then I wanted it! Also,as i had prayed and was stuck,He invoked scripture,both from the O.T.Psalms, which I had never read….He said:”open thy mouth wide saith the Lord, and I will fill it.”, and..”make a joyful noise unto the Lord!”…after two tries, I recieved my prayer language and was filled withthe Spirit. Later in life, the Lord spoke to me concerning a couple who wanted me to join them in matrimony.God said:  “He’s been married twice before, and she’s been married once before.” I told them what I heard and got a red faced confirmation that what I heard was fact! God helped me raise money by selling a second car once, as he spoke and told me where to take it, how much to ask and how much to settle for.Many are the times He spoke to me as people stood before me as I prayed for them,feeding me information that I needed to know and which convinced them that I heard from GOD! The rare times I heard Him speak powerfully and almost audibly was when I was in a sinful position, a relationship He did not approve of, and as I was in a meeting helping to pray for some one,I loudly heard Him say:  “Put away your sin”. I did! Once, when pressured to do some thing, I struggled with,and after asking Him, He said:  “DO NOTHING!”….I said, Do you mean do nothing now? Instantly He thundered almost audibly: “Don’t add to my words!” The Lord castigated me in my automobile years ago as he said I was going too slow, that I had got out of His will and that He brought me back to my hometown to restart my Church, etc. The lecture went on for many minutes, and as I sought confirmation that I had really heard from Him, I recieved plenty of confirmation.I started the church!  At times, He speaks in dreams and visions,in subtle nuances and impressions.He varies the way He speaks, but I do hear from Him.Just recently, He said that He had 73 million people in this country{USA} that knew His name! Some may say that I hear from God because I am His minister and a prophetic apostle. I agree, but I believe all who have His spirit can hear from God.The Apostle Paul said that all may prophecy{1cor.14}, and Jesus said that “His sheep hear his voice>”. Romans 8:14 tells us that all who are led by the Spirit of God are the sonsof God.Take heart; you can hear from God.Desire it, pray for spiritual ears, cultivate a two way prayer relationship with God.The Word is nigh thee, in thy heart and in thy mouth!The Spirit of the Living God resides in the born again believer.God is not a respecter of persons; He will speak to you, have faith!                                      Ron

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