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A time is coming and is here now – that brother will turn against brother and sister against sister, parents against children and sibling against sibling. Nation is about to rise against Nation. Peace and safety will be on the lips of many, but IT SHALL NOT BE. THE END IS NEARER THAN YOU THINK. Such PERSECUTION OF MY PEOPLE as has never been seen before. The unrighteous are becoming, yet more unrighteous. Hate is in their hearts. Don’t be surprised at their outcry against you and against MY PEOPLE, the TRUE BELIEVERS. There is NO NEED TO FEAR  THEM – DON’T LET THEIR HATE MOVE YOU.  Boldness like a LION IS RISING UP IN MY PEOPLE. There will be  ALL OUT WAR for the SOULS in this NATION. and around the WORLD. Armageddon, the battle of all battles is FAST APPROACHING. Get yourself and others ready. Learn MY WORD inside and out. Preach my truth like you’ve never preached it before. TIME IS RUNNING OUT. ….. Prepare yourself for the worst …. expect the best….. Be not concerned for your future – it is in my hand. Get ready for ALL OUT WAR. VICTORY IS MINE !!!!                                                    

given to Connie by the Lord