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“Drought, upon drought, upon drought.. Food supplies will dwindle in this country – in this Nation. This summer will prove to be one of the worst, one of the hottest and one of the driest in this Nations history. Water sanctions will be put in place in area after area. Record heat will be recorded across the Nation. Dryness that has never been seen. Food prices will sky rocket.

I am not done with this Nation – I WILL HAVE MY WAY IN THIS AMERICA. Much fear will spread among the people here. Overwhelming anxiety in some. Trust in SELF will begin to decline and the realization that I AM will begin to occur. Many will begin to seek for answers to these calamities. Some will find those answers. A general sense of unsettledness will be felt among the majority of the people here in America. Hope in ME will happen for some. The harvest will be overflowing in this Nation. The Nation will turn it’s face up to ME. Many will cry out for deliverance. I will hear there cries -AND I WILL HELP …. IN TIME. The backs of the proud and arrogant will be broken, self reliance will dwindle in some. Many hearts will turn to ME and repent. I will once again become the HOPE FOR MANY IN AMERICA. Don’t give up praying for this Country. If my people, who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, then I will hear from heaven and forgive there sins. Many will run to my altar for forgiveness but some will remain stubborn and stiff-necked. I will fall on them and crush them.

There has never been a time like this in America nor shall there ever be. I am rooting out, tearing down and plucking up. I will plant and rebuild this Country from the foundation. Woe, upon woe, upon woe for a time and season. Don’t give up hope – I am reshaping this Country and it WILL BE MINE. I have a purpose for this people and for this land. It will bend it’s knee to ME. MY WAYS WILL BE ACCOMPLISHED IN AMERICA. I HAVE SPOKEN AND SO SHALL IT BE.”

given to Connie by the Lord