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This morning in my quiet time, I received this word from the Lord for the Body of Christ.

“The days ahead will be tramatic for some. Much blood shed is about to happen, wars and rumors of wars in this Country and in others. Cries of fear will begin to arise among the people of the Nations. Devastation and destruction all around. It will seem as though there is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide…but I have a plan. I have a way. My still small voice will be heard among my people, my chosen ones, the ones who truly follow me. I will give them instructions. I will be their shelter in this storm. There will be no fear among my people. They will hide under the shelter of the almighty. My wings will cover them. This is their day to shine for me, their time to walk in the fullness of who I am calling them to be. No fear will be in my people. They will be as bold as a lion and their gentleness will astound the masses. The greatest day that my people have ever seen …is upon them. Power and boldness that has never been seen before is being released even now as we speak. The day of days is fast approaching – that great and terrible day of the Lord.

given to Connie by the Lord