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“Connie, write this down …. Realize the time and the days we are in. I am  about to wrap things up. Cry out, for the end in near, nearer than you think. The church is about to be raptured out. I AM getting my bride ready. I’M removing spots and wrinkles at this time. MY prophetic voice will go throughout this land and throughout the world. The end is near, the end is near. Destruction and disaster are at the door, around the corner. Nothing can stop this, nothing can change the course – it has been set. But my people who are called by my name can lessen the blow if they will humble themselves and pray, pray, pray. I find no delight in destroying this land and it’s people. I get no satisfaction in the multitudes of deaths that are about to occur. MY heart cries out for the turning around of people, the lost and dying – MY creation. But the choice is theirs – they choose to defy ME, they choose their idols above ME. This land will perish for lack of knowledge about ME. My church has failed ME. They are wimp and weak. They are fearful of standing up and proclaiming the way, the truth and the life in MY SON. They cower back in fear and ignorance. But it is time for them to stand up and to stand strong. There is a day of reckoning on the horizon. Many will have to choose what side they are on. Are they with ME or against ME? Are they going to serve ME or are they going to turn back?”

given to Connie by the Lord

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