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Darker darkness is coming to this Earth. Pillaging, rampant - destruction far and wide. Hopelessness will overtake many. Natural disasters will increase rapidly. The end is near – nearer than you think, nearer than you first believed.

This land, this America, is about to suffer loss – loss of life, loss of finances, loss of peace. Destruction and turmoil at every turn. Many will die, many will suffer. The cup of inequity is overflowing. Sexual sins are rampant – perversion knocks at every door. Many will be slain and given over to the adversary for their destruction. Loss of life will be at an increase. Warn them, warn them to turn from their wicked ways, they are about to be consumed in Hells’ fire. There is no turning back for some – they have gone too far. They will not listen…tell them anyway. It will heap coals of fire on their heads. The end of life as they know it … is about to end.  The pit is about to open and swallow up mass quantities of people. Nations will be swallowed up. Destruction and disease will be rampant.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, I AM NOT PLEASED WITH MANKIND. I hold no place in their hearts for the most part. Some serve me, but MOST don’t. My displeasure with them is overflowing. I will no longer hold back my judgments from this Earth.

Brace yourself for the changes, they will come QUICKLY. Don’t let the sadness overtake you Connie – MY purposes will be served here on Earth. I am cleaning house and the filth will be swept away. The hour glass is running out of time.

given to Connie Khoury by the Lord