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I was born in Altoona, PA but my parents were both born and raised in Syria. My father came from a long line of Orthodox priests and our last name Khoury means priest. As an adult my father came to America to become a merchant businessman, for he did not follow the call into the priesthood. My mother was born in a town called Homs and she was a prayerful woman who was also Orthodox. My mother had a supernatural angelic visitation that confirmed her prayer for a Syrian American businessman to court her,  marry her and take her to America. Her prayer was eventually answered. After marrying and coming to America my parents had three children. I am the first born of the children and I have a brother and a sister. I was a precocious child turned juvenile delinquent by the age of 17. During a bad LSD trip on a good Friday, while sitting in a service at an Orthodox church, I met Jesus. Later on I read Romans 10 and I prayed the sinners pray. I received the baptism in the Holy Spirit at age 21 when I was alone in my apartment. At the age of 30 God called me into His service. In 1982 I received a supernatural anointing at an Edgar Bailey meeting that was held in Altoona. I have had many jobs over the years, my last being a full-time chaplain at the Altoona Regional Health system. I have since left that position and I am now a full time minister doing the Lords’ work.