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Are you noticing more house churches springing up? Four times in scripture house churches are mentioned, in Philemon:2, Romans16:5, 1Cor.16:19,  and  in Col.4:15. So you see it is scriptural to have a church in your house. Actually in early apostolic times church buildings were rarely erected, especially during the persecutions of the 2nd century. What more simple, intimate and cost effective means of shelter would be than a house church. After-all, the church is not the building, but the people who congregate therein. I started my own church in my house and as it grew we moved into a special building. Do you feel called to start a church? The place to start it may be in your house. Want help? Call on us, we know how to help you start. I BELIEVE in these perilous times that this is one way to go. You can better minister more intimately on a one to one level in your house. You can share meals and building costs  are eliminated.  Therefore money raised  can go to ministry, missions, the poor or wherever the Lord leads. Pray about that!