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Part of the ministry of the body of Christ is to deliver people from Satan’s grip and from the demons that trouble and vex them. This ministry of deliverance is not just to help the non-believer, but it is to help the Believer as well. Regardless of whether you are a confessing Christian or not, you can have demons that hold you back and/or torment you. Now I am not talking about demonic possession in the case of a Believer, I am talking about torment and an inability to move forward in the Lord. I will not argue the point that Christians can have demons because Ron and I see it all the time. We have seen through our experiences that both non-Christians and Christians can in fact be troubled and held back because of demonic activity in their bodies and in their lives. But the good news is that you do not have to stay bound and tormented by these demonic creatures. Jesus said in Mark 16:17 “And these signs will accompany those that have believed: in My name they will cast out demons…”. The Lord has given us authority to cast out demons.  We, as Believers, are to set the captives free as He did. We have personally seen people set free as we have cast demons out of many of the people that the Lord has sent our way. Most of those people, sad to say, have been Christians. Now some of you (especially the Christians) as you read these words are experiencing  an uneasiness or an anger beginning to build up in you. Christians can’t have demons, you say! I was taught that once I had the Holy Spirit … demons couldn’t be in me because the Spirit of God now resides in me. Contrary to what we learned in Science class about two things being unable to occupy the same space at the same time, in the realm of the spirit that is not the case. The Spirit of God can reside in you along with demonic spirits. Let’s look at this honestly.  Look at how many Christian are struggling with the same sins that they were involved in before their conversion. They may read the bible and pray daily, they may fast regularly, they may teach Sunday school or even serve as spiritual leaders  from the pulpit…but still they struggle and struggle with besetting sins. We need to recognize that there is  another force that may be helping to hold Gods people from really walking in victory.
If this describes you, take a moment and ask yourself…. “What is holding me back?’ “Why can’t I seem to put this certain sin down ?” “Why am I unable to forgive?” ”Why does pornography have such a hold on me.” Is it possible that you are being influenced by demons? Now I’m not saying that the devil is making you do anyhing, because he can’t. What I’m saying is that their  may possibly be a demonic presence in you that is constantly working against you. This presence in you keeps you constantly battling within yourself. When you are in that state, the enemy is always tormenting you and you are battling temptation 24 hours a day. You can be set free from this torment, but Satan and his demons do not want you to know first of all, that they are actually real and can reside in people and second of all, that they can actually be commanded to come out. Christ came to set the captives free but Satan wants us tied and bound.  Are you being held captive by something that you can’t seem to get past? Do you find that every-time you try to move forward in the things of the Lord, you can only go so far? Is their a heaviness on you but you can’t seem to be able to pin point the reason for it?  You need to realize that the devil doesn’t play fair. He sends his demons into people when they are in their mothers womb or through childhood and life experiences. Demonic activity can also be inherited down through families because of generational sins. We have opened doors to the enemy either knowingly or in ignorance and demons have taken advantage of us. Some of the things that we as teenagers and adults have dabbled in like witchcraft, sexual sins, drunkenness, drugs, lying, hatred, unforgiveness etc. have opened doors that give Satan and his demons a foothold in our lives.  Now that you are a Christian though, it’s time to walk in the fullness of what Jesus died for at Calvary. He came to set us free, and who the Son sets free shall be free indeed. Are you still struggling with the same sins that you walked in before you knew Jesus as your savior? Do you want to be free? Deliverance is the key for so many believers and it enables them to move forward into their destiny in Christ. You need to prayerfully consider why you are unable to move forward. What is stopping you?         
written by Connie