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 Jesus says in Johns gospel, chapter 10, that their will be ” One flock and one shepherd”. That His sheep know His voice and will follow; a stranger they will not follow! He prayed in the Garden in John 17 that:” they all may be one”.  He is predicting and praying unity in His divided body. Just as Jehovah{Yahwey} predicted that Israel would go int bondage in Egypt, so the Son saw ahead that we the church, the body of Christ would go into a state of confusion and division. I believe God will answer His Sons’ prayer and that Jesus prophecied truly concerning the final uniting of His flock.Those who are His will follow Him  and escape total captivity. However, many will give heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of demons and have their conscience seared, and depart from the faith. Their are those who say that one cannot depart from the faith. I say, how can you depart from it if you were never in it. Grace is great, but its not Compulsion. He does not compel us against our will at any time, and the devil as a roaring lion, prowls about, seeking whom he may devour. The brethren are enjoined to resist him steadfast in the faith! We are on the Highway to Heaven and Holiness, and some one is trying to get us off. Guess who? Grace may be unmerited favor and divine enablement, but it’s also liberty. What has divided the house{of God}? Satan has! Who can unite us? Only our Shepherd! Are you fully in His camp? Are you seeking His perfect will for your life and ministry? God will bring His true sons together and the Army of the Lord will not break rank. Power and authority is given us, not to do magic tricks and cause the sheep to endlessly grind at religions gristmill, but to topple Satan from heaven once and for all.Rev. 12 says: ” war broke out in heaven, Michael and His angels and the Dragon and His angels. and no more room was found for him{satan}, and he was cast down to the earth.” Who did this? The saints on earth{not the canonized ones}, and the heavenly army together. They {the saints, the Christians} overcame him BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB, BY THE WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY, AND BECAUSE THEY DID NOT LOVE THEIR LIVES UNTO DEATH! jESUS ALREADY DEFEATED HIM, NOW WE MUST ENFORCE IT. I strongly recommend and pray that if you consider Jesus as your Lord and savior and God, that you put aside all issues that divide, and pray with your brethren of every stripe and denomination for the Lord to fully give us His heart and Mind, and cause us to fall in love with Him and with each other! Strive to maintain the unity of the body. He will answer.