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Volcanoes rumble before they blow,the earth rumbles before it quakes; rattlesnakes rattle before they strike, and the Church is rumbling, groaning and giving great signs before it erupts in change! Others are being told the same as we; vis; that we will not recognise the church in just a few years! what sort of renovation can we expect?what must we do to do our part and hasten it all? First, be attentive to all the signs and portents that shaking change is coming and indeed is here! God is bringing everything to conclusion and we must be proactive and prayerful. It is the midnight hour and we must have our lamps trimmed and filled with oil.The false church says:  World Without End!; Jesus and the apostles say:  “Get ready, the Lord is coming soon!” Don’t be like the Sadducee’s who love their positions and would hate it if the Lord returned to upset their tables. Get HOT and filled with the Spirit! Secondly, look ahead. Try to visualize what comes after “REVIVAL”. Some think that revival with all its modern day fun and laughing and shaking etc. is the Holy Grail that is the summit of all we need.No, REVIVAL IS A PREPARITORY MOVE OF GOD TO CONDITION AND READY HIS SAINTS FOR BATTLE AND EVENTUAL RULERSHIP!!!!  look ahead and be wise.We are still in battle, and the battle is raging. Our weapons are not carnal but mighty, and we don’t agonize over flesh and blood.Satan has had six thousand years to organize,study man, infiltrate all government systems and virtually every church group. He is highly organized, knows he has little time and God is allowing Him to expand more and more.The end times will come. man cannot repair the earth and chase away the boogie man. we will have a strong tremendous end time revival that will harvest millions of souls, but then God will rapture His own.First He comes for His saints, and then back with His saints.He said for us to : “pray that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things{that will try the world}.” He has not appointed us to wrath{orges:gk.}, but to salvation.When He returns He will summon His own from the FOUR CORNERS OF HEAVEN{not earth}.If you want to play survivalist and be a big man and suffer through the entire time of Jacobs Troubles, go ahead. But i WOULD RATHER BE INVITED TO THE MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE Lamb. Have lots of fun down here, militia, Kingdom Now, Post and AMILLENIALISTS. I’m GOING TO FLY AWAY!    MORE TO COME…..