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Destiny! A big word today.Everyone is seeking to fulfil their destiny.Very glorious and ethereal. Can we seek it and find it if we are unsure of it? What is it? destiny as it relates to the believer in God is that course and ultimate destination where God has predetermined you to be. Some would say that the course you follow is as predetermined and predestined as your final outcome. Let us say for example, that like Jeremiah, you are predestined to be a prophet unto the nations. The pre means before and in this case before his birth, Jeremiah was slotted for this outcome. Of course it happened; but God speaks to him as he is old enough to understand.To verify to him that this prophecy is real, the Lord tells him what will happen, and it does. Abraham was another that was predetermined to be literally THE FATHER OF MANY NATIONS. He was the root of the Hebrew nation, and with Ishmael, the father of the Arab nations. He is also the father of three religions; the Hebrew, the Christian and the Muslim. Abraham made mistakes; both in his time wasting in Egypt and Harran, His lying under pressure, but his most telling mistake, the one with the longest lasting consequences is the one which caused him to sire Ishmael at the request of his own wife, Sarah. Certainly, God did not predestine¬† Abe’s mistakes did he?Or did He allow the mistakes to achieve His own mysterious end?Jesus is the greatest example of predetermined destiny, having about 300+ prophecies regaurding Him, his life and mission, certain descriptive events , even His cruxifiction. Could Jesus have been tempted by the devil to wander off God’s path for Him in the desert? Could He have summoned twelve legions of angels to free him from going to the cross? I suppose He could have.You see, even though God, perhaps through His foreknowledge alone predetermines a persons destiny, the possibility exists that the subject can cancel or miss his/her own destiny by his own choices and failures to be prayerful and proactive in his/her life.