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Childish and childlike are both words that refer to characteristics found in children. Childish characteristics are not suitable  for adults to exhibit as they are usually unfavorable behaviors such as immaturity, foolishness and petulance (ex. impatient or irritable esp. over a petty annoyance).  Childlike characteristics on the other hand  suggest more favorable qualities such as innocence,  guilelessness (ex. free from cunning and slyness in  dealing with others) and trustfulness. 

 Many of us in the Christian community have exhibited both of these behaviors in our lives. We have acted childish at times and at other times we have exhibited childlike behaviors.  As we move toward spiritual maturity we need to be letting go of our childish ways but at the same time be growing more childlike in our approach to God and to others. Recently the Lord had a word of correction for me and for the body of Christ. He said to me ” the time has come to put away childish things, childish ways. When you were a child you acted like a child but now that you’ve matured it’s time to act like an adult. You are a mature Christian now – act like it. Your behavior lately, has been less than what I expect from you. … No longer will I allow you to get away with being childish. I need you sober and vigilant in these days, in these hours. Much work to be done and little time in which to do it. Stop being offended at the littlest things. You need to walk in forgiveness and love. … Be the example that I have called for you to be. Be holy as I am holy.”  The time has come for the body of Christ to grow up and stop being childish.  The Lord is shaking His people out of their old ways.

 He is expecting maturity from those who should be mature.Part of the maturity that the Lord is expecting from us is that he needs us to be more childlike in our relationships with Him and with each other.  We need to be more trusting of the Lord and by now at least some of us should have learned that He is loving, truthful and faithful to us. If we are obedient and willing to do what He tells us, then he will do for us what He says He will do.The other part of the maturity the Lord expects us to walk in, is in the way we deal with each other as believers.  We should be dealing with each other in Love, without  jealousy, envy and strife ( fighting amongst ourselves as children). We should esteem each other as higher than ourselves. Our motives should be pure toward one another. Their should be no hidden agendas between brothers and sisters in Christ. And we need to be trustworthy. The world is to know us by our love for one another.

The time is  now here for the body of Christ to put away childish ways. The Lord needs mature committed believers to fight in this  the greatest spiritual battle that has ever been.  He’s calling us to grow up, put away our childishness, and trust and love Him and each other in a  childlike way.                   

written by Connie