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The following is a recent word that the Lord spoke to me about America on June 22, 2010.

“┬áTurbulence, turmoil and trouble come from the East. The Nations will rise up against each other. America will be at the forefront as a great devastation. Fear will grip the hearts of the American people. Human reasoning will not be able to figure a way out of theses troubles. The Nation will be brought to it’s knees before me. Pride will fall away and melt as butter on a hot day. The intent of the people will be focused on survival. Food and water will be of great importance as it will be lacking in the abundance that it was once in this country. Waste not, want not will become a new motto here in America. New ways will be found here. People will become frugal out of necessity.

The Christian community will arise with healing in it’s wings. Suddenly, God’s people will have abundance. Abundance to help, abundance to share with others, with those in need. I am releasing the finances of this world to my people. Much good will be done at my hand, through my people – the obedient ones-the ones I can trust with these finances. Selfishness will have no room at this time. Money will be needed for others. For those who hurt and have lost everything.

Wars and rumors of wars will increase and fear will grip the hearts of those who know me not. But ┬ábe at peace and fear the Lord, will be in the hearts of my people. The shadow of darkness is moving over America for a time and a season. These are the days that I spoke of in my word. Much devastation such as has never been seen in this country. Do not be afraid. It will not harm you nor those that are truly mine. My protective shield will be on you. Move out in confidence that I am truly with you. Fear not the times nor the faces. Fear only me. Great is my hand on you and on my people. Your light will shine among men. The world will take notice. My people will have their greatest day ever – then the end will come. My power and Glory will cover the Earth. Nothing will hinder me, nothing will stop this move. Pray for the hastening of this day.”

The Lord wants us to be aware of what’s about to happen but not to be in fear. We are to look to Him and stay under His wing of protection. We are to stay our minds on Him and seek the peace that passes ALL understanding.

given by the Lord to Connie