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During my morning quiet time with the Lord on Friday, July 1st the Lord began to speak to me. So as  He spoke, I wrote what He said to me. The following is that message: ” Connie write this down….Times are changing, time is moving quickly now. The body of Christ is getting up with healing in it’s wings. Miraculous things are beginning to happen everywhere. My power is showing up in the most unlikely places in the most unlikely people. The simple will confound the wise. The ones I use will be the ones that are so yielded to my spirit. The simple, the pure in heart. The ones who know they are nothing without me. Those are the ones for this hour that I will use as an example of my power. I don’t need the highfalutin. I need the simple…the ones who believe that I AM, that I AM and I do not change. Great days ahead for many in the body of Christ.

Suffer not the little children to come to me. I will use them to touch the untouchable, the hard ones that noone else can reach. I don’t have favorites at this hour.I seek the willing , the able, the ones whose hearts are right before me. It’s like a movie thats about to be played out - the actors will change constantly. Noone will stand out as the lead actor. Stay available and usable in this hour.”

The Lord is getting ready to use you and I as we yield to Him. Don’t think that He won’t use you because you aren’t as smart as someone else or because you don’t know the Bible inside and out. He wants to use you if you are willing to be used by Him. He is looking for those that are committed to Him, who seek Him first above all things. He wants those who love Him. Are you willing to be one of those?                        

given to Connie by the Lord