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This word from the Lord was given to me at 7:15am on Saturday, November 27, 2010. The Lord began speaking about America and the coming woes that will be, and are touching this Country. “The economy is about to take a dramatic turn for the worse. Banks will close and more businesses will shut their doors. Financial institutions will fold up. Many more people will loose their jobs. Unemployment will sky rocket. Corruption is about to be flushed out into the open. The housing market will crash. Multitudes will be affected. High rollers will begin to lose great riches. Old money will dry up and people of greater prominence will be affected. Much sorrow in America is about to take place. A  new way a new way will take place in this country.”

“Don’t be afraid, it will not effect you and those that are mine. You will continue on, you will have all you need. The idol of money, wealth and prestige will be demolished for many of the rich and famous. They will either look to me or they will perish. Their idolatry is about to topple. I will no longer tolerate this. The quest for things is about to halt. Treasures on this Earth will rust and the moth will eat them up and destroy them. My patience has run out for the most part, for this country and it’s idolatrous ways. I need a committed land, a people of integrity. This country was established for my good pleasure but it has, for the most part, turned into a land of great corruption. This land is My land and I will have my way in it. I have a purpose for America and that purpose will be fullfilled, but first I must clean it out and purify it’s ways. Hold on…the ride will be bumpy for the masses but you will not be harmed. Your greatest hour is about here. My people will shine like the noon day sun. The world will see that I am with my people. It will see my favor on you. There will be no denying that I am real to many. I have not finished with America. I have a plan and a purpose for this country – and I will have My way.Many will bow their knees to me. Better days ahead, but first destruction. Continue to intercede for this country and it’s people. Much to be done and so little time in which  to accomplish it. Stay on your knees with this. America is not “The Beautiful”, I AM “THE BEAUTIFUL”. I will be reestablished as head of this Nation. It was I who made America great and it is I who will once again reestablish that greatness. No man or men will take that honor to themselves, it is not theirs to have. I AM in charge and I will rule and reign supreme here.”

The Lord went on to say, “Be at peace and rest in me. I see all things and order all things, There need be no fear in you, nor in my people. Pray for laborers to be sent into the harvest fields in this and in other Nations. The harvest is ripe and it is ready. Great will be that harvest. Be not ashamed of me …speak my name clearly and boldly. I AM the “Savior of the World” – don’t back down when the going gets tough.
I will be there with you in a powerful way. You need not fear anything they may say or do to you because I will be there with you in it and I will be with you always until the end of time. No good thing will I withhold from them that walk uprightly. Great days ahead for my people. Move on and prosper in all that you lay your hands on to do. I am a rewarder of those who diligently seek me. Continue to seek my face.”                   

given to Connie by the Lord