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At 6:43am on December 7, 2010 the Lord told me, ” Connie write this down…perilous times just around the corner for many in the U.S. People will be astounded at the devastation around them. Winter storms so hard as have never been seen in America. This is the winter of staying in. Cold will rip through the U.S. in waves. Ice and snow will abound. Mountains of snow everywhere, in the most unlikely places. Florida will be one of those places. Much damage to fruit and crops from that area. The produce belt will tighten. Low amounts of fruits and vegetables will be found. Areas in America that haven’t been hit so far, will be hit. I will touch every nook and cranny in this country with devastation and hard times. No-one will escape my wrath except for my people – it will go around those that are MINE AND WALKING IN OBEDIENCE. The time is now for “THE GREAT AWAKENING” of my church. Nothing can or will stop this. I have spoken and it will be done. Tell others, tell all that “I AM” is on the throne and “I AM” will have HIS way. The time for game playing has ceased. No longer will I sit idly by and watch the destruction in this world. I will cause fire to rain down from the heavenlies, a consuming fire – it will consume all that is in it’s path.”

 Then the Lord went on and told me to “write this winter…write down ALL that I say to you. Share this with the world. Don’t be afraid of their faces. Don’t compromise my words to you, I need you to be honest with the people. I will not stand for compromise. My message at this time is strong and true. I will  not hold hands with the sinners. Unless they bow their knees to me, they will perish. Anger is beginning to build in you…righteous anger. Let it build, I am feeding it. I need you truthful and honest about what I am saying.”                       

given to Connie by the Lord