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Write this down Connie … This country is about to take a sudden downward spiral. More disasters will be in your midst. Many will cry out for a savior. Much destruction is around the corner, around the bend. Fires and storms will increase – flood waters will rise in many areas. Disasters will be on the increase – much tragic death will occur., Famine, famine … crops will be destroyed by fire, lack of rain and insects. Food rationing will begin in many areas. Water conservation laws will be put in place in some areas. Americans in some parts of this country will beg for food – asking for hand outs that they may live. Increasing evils in this land. Pride is being demolished in this land. The high will be brought low. Those that had much , will become those that have little. Purses will be emptied. Life styles of the “rich and famous” will change dramatically. I WILL NO LONGER TAKE A BACKSEAT TO MATERIALISM. I WILL HAVE A COUNTRY THAT WILL SERVE ME. I WILL TOPPLE IDOLATRY IN THIS COUNTRY. There will be NO OTHER GOD”S  in the hearts of this people. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Pray like you never prayed before …. INTERCEED, INTERCEEED, INTERCEED. Time is running out. There must BE A TURNING IN THIS …. AMERICA. The stage is being set for the end times.

Pray that my people WILL RISE UP and STAND IN THE GAP for this Nation. Organize prayer meetings for this country – that MY WILL for this Country  be served. ….. CALL A FAST!                                                                                           

given to Connie by the Lord