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No where to run , no where to hide. The proud are being humbled. The lofty are falling down. The troubles in this Country have just begun. This Nation is about to experience turmoil and trouble as has never been seen here. Stay your ear to me and fix your eyes on me. I AM is the answer at this time and in this hour. Persecution is about to arise on my people… the true believers. But fear not my children, I Am is with you. Daylight will darken and many will stumble looking for answers.  None  will be found by them. This Nation as a whole has much to learn about  ME. I tolerate not…  SIN. I have waited and waited for the people of this Nation, this America to turn from her wicked ways …. but she would have none of that. The hour of reaping has arrived. Don’t look to the left or to the right. Look only to ME, the author and finisher of your salvation.

Tell my people, my believers that their day is arriving quickly. There strength is truly in ME. They needn’t fear these days. Time with me will give them Peace. Tell them to set there focus on ME and do not waver. The time for lukewarmness is over. Hot or cold…I want them hot or cold. They are either for me or they are against me. I have no other way for them. Those that are mine are mine, and those that are not, are not. Be assured that I know who are mine. I see the hearts , I know the thoughts. It is time for total surrender to ME and to my will for all that are mine. No longer will game playing be tolerated by ME. I AM that I AM has spoken and so shall it be.                                                                  

given to Connie by the Lord